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Divorce and Losing Your Options

Divorce is tough. I think about everyone will agree with that. Sometimes the outcome helps move your life forward. Sometimes not. 
The one thing I hate to see is when divorcing couples lose their options due to anger or other negative emotions.
Take the example where the parties are trying to settle their case with a refinance of the mortgage. They have plenty of equity to do so, but the underwriter denies the refinance, because after they separated, the primary bread-winner paid the mortgage late 2 months in a row before going to a divorce attorney, who said to make sure you pay it on time.
Divorce has its costs, for sure. The key is for the parties to not add to the costs because of emotions, which always have their cost.
Let's take another example. Did you know that Courts do not re-apportion credit card debt directly? If one spouse has all of the credit cards in his or her name, that spouse has the legal responsibility to pay them. So, trying to settle a divorce case can get re-railed, when one spouse does not want to contribute to the credit card debt of the other spouse, even when the credit cards were used for the good of the entire family.
Your divorce process should always begin with a free consultation with a highly experienced attorney at SIEGELLAW. We will provide you with a great education, and we will assist you in generating options. And that all occurs at your first meeting!!
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