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Hotels, Facebook, Google and Divorce

If this was a Jeopardy answer, the question would likely be "What are words associated with adultery?"


Let's break them down, one at a time.


Well, the first word, hotel, is pretty apparent. If you are going to have an affair and stay at a hotel, you will most likely get caught, sooner or later. Even if you pay with cash. Guess what? They have security cameras! They keep all sorts of records, too. Private investigators get easy access to hotels. Imagine a picture of your walking into a hotel. And then walking out. With or without someone else. It's just too easy of a target for the divorce attorney to ignore.


Let's move on to Facebook. Seriously, how much more do I have to say? Facebook is the divorce attorney's favorite source of evidence. Did you know that your entire Facebook can be copied and printed in your divorce case? That includes each and every one of your posts, pictures and messenger messages.  And you can't really control what goes on your wall. And you can't really control who else sees it. The same goes for Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. 


So, now let's talk about Google, the single biggest player in the game of searching for evidence of adultery. It is pretty darn true that you can find almost anything on Google regarding marital misconduct, adultery and inappropriate relationships. 


The bottom line in today's society is that the tools exist to discover most marital misconduct. 

If you are the one having the affair or if you are the one suspecting your spouse is having an affair, everything starts with a free consultation with one of the highly experienced family law attorneys at SIEGELLAW. We will give you a great education so that you can create and understand for options for moving forward with your life.

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