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Insurance, Loans and Divorce


Divorce forces a reflection of your life with the goal of preparing your future. In every divorce, issues of insurance and various loans will inevitably arise.


With insurance, there is just so much to consider, including auto insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance, just for starters. 


People tend to overlook the importance of separating auto insurance policies upon separation. Often, the policy has to be split once someone is no longer living at the address where the policy states the vehicle is stored.


Health insurance is just an ongoing horror in this country. Highly experienced divorce attorneys can provide you with all of the options to assist you, depending upon your personal circumstances. 


Disability insurance is incredibly necessary to fund many divorce settlements, as is life insurance. Think about it. If you are receiving $50,000.00 of alimony for 10 years and your ex dies in year 2, you need to replace nearly $500,000.00 of lost income. This is done through a great life insurance policy, as well as. T Some disability insurance. 


Loans are another significant issue in any divorce. There are mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, credit cards, personal loans from family, as well as so much more. 


To understand how to navigate the complex world of insurance and loans in divorce, you need to start with a free consultation with a highly experienced divorce attorney, such as the highly experienced family law attorneys at SIEGELLAW.

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