Celebrities and other public figures tend to have extremely public divorces, child custody cases, high asset divorces and other family law discord. With those divorces, you never hear about women’s divorce, men’s divorce or any of the themes we often encounter as divorce attorneys.

Singers tend to live out their relationships in the public eye, and all of us get to listen to it. More often than not, it is a teenie bopper crush gone bad, like Taylor Swift with–well, almost every young male celeb in town, so it appears from year to year.

But once in a very long time, a song comes around and strikes to the heart of the marital relationship. Recently, Pink hit the mark with her song, questioning whether her marriage was broken, or just bent.

One of the questions I always will ask when I provide a free consult to a new client is to explore whether the couple engaged in any marital, couples, family or individual counseling. Sometimes, it is quite clear already that the marriage is over. Often, however, asking the question will begin a new dialogue about the best process to engage in for ending the marriage.

At SIEGELLAW, after completing a client history, if it is even remotely possible that a marriage is not completely over, we are happy to provide clients with the names of a great marital counselor. If appropriate, we may suggest a family counselor, so that the children are likewise engaged in the family process.

Here is the part divorcing couples–or those whose marriage is in real jeopardy–truly need to pay attention to: while there are a few great marital and family counselors, they are diamonds in the rough, and finding them can be excessively difficult. This is one of those instances where quality is important. If you were facing a potentially terminal illness, would you want any old doctor or would you want to research for the absolute best doctor you could find? This is no different.

You are not going to find the absolutely best marital or family counselor by calling your health insurance company and seeing who is covered by your plan. You are going to have to use the best resource at your disposal-the Maryland divorce attorney. We will be happy to steer you in the direction of several potential fantastic counselors.

You will also get what you pay for. More likely than not, you are going to pay $300-400 per hour for the services of the best counselor you can find. Is the investment worth it? That is up to you. Your question has to be whether your marriage is worth it.

Most of my blog posts focus on Maryland divorce law, Howard County divorce law and other related issues. This one, however, is equally important. If your marriage is truly bent, but with a great deal of hard work, will not break, you have to decide whether it is worth it to travel the long hard road of creating a new normal from your present reality.


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