50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Or 50 Shades Of Grey: Which Are You?

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Or 50 Shades Of Grey: Which Are You?

Do you believe that the tone of a marriage will dictate the tone of the divorce? It is a very interesting concept and often true.

When a married couple has a highly emotion-filled marriage, you can usually count on the divorce also being quite emotional. When the divorce is driven by mental instability or addiction of a spouse, that history tends to follow the couple through divorce.

When married folks jointly realize that their marriage is not working, they usually try to find an amicable low impact way to resolve the marriage and move forward with their life.

So, you want to end your marriage?

Let’s look at some cold hard facts:

1. Working with your spouse to reach an agreement can save your tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.

2. When your spouse has a mental health disability or an anger issue, you may end up going along for a very expensive emotional ride.

3. Mediation is always best when used as early as possible in the divorce process.

4. Get your finances in order and make sure you understand everything

5. Have a plan that includes friends, family, children, care and time for yourself.

Oh, and if I did not mention it earlier, get ahead of the game and get a free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney who has at least 25 years of experience and has seen it all.

For the last quarter century, Harry Siegel has been guiding spouses through the divorce process. Most make it through unscathed and see the light at the end of a short tunnel. On occasion, divorce gets messy and people don’t act their best. That is when you need your high conflict divorce attorney form SIEGELLAW.


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