Can I See My Spouse’s Facebook History During The Divorce?

Can I See My Spouse’s Facebook History During The Divorce?

The short answer is yes, but that would make this blog far too short. The real answer is usually yes, provided that Facebook does not change its access to obtaining this information.

Instead, I am going to show you how to request it, because highly experienced family law attorneys understand how to get to obtain information during the divorce process to ensure that you have the information you need in order to make informed decisions.

Why would you ever need to see your spouse’s Facebook history? Usually, it relates to allegations of infidelity. Sometimes, there are other reasons, such as viewing pictures, videos or messages that could help you gain an advantage in your divorce litigation.

There is a concept within the litigation process called discovery. This is where you can ask questions of the other spouse, which they have to answer, under oath. You can also seek the production of documents from them, and others. You can take sworn testimony, called a deposition, from them and others.

The request for production of documents is where you can seek a Facebook history. Below is the sample request that I use:

Print a copy of your entire Facebook history by following these steps:

(a) Go to and log into your Facebook

(b) At the right side of the top of the page, there is an arrow down, which you will click on and then scroll to settings

(c) You will now be on the general account settings page

(d) From this page, click on “download a copy of your facebook data”

(e) When the new page appears, click on “Start My Archive”

By the way, you can now print your own Facebook history based on this information. Do yourself a favor: don’t print it, just save it. It could end up being hundreds of pages of printing!

I want you to remember one last thing. Anything that you do to your spouse, your spouse can do to you. So, before sending out that request, make you do not mind having to make the same disclosure.

And as always, in divorce, don’t do anything on your own before meeting with and consulting with a highly experienced divorce attorney. For 25 years, Harry Siegel has represented clients in their divorce cases, and he always begins with a free consult to educate you of your rights and inform you of your options.


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