What Parents Can Learn From Fedex and UPS About Their Children’s Schedules

What Parents Can Learn From Fedex and UPS About Their Children’s Schedules

When two parents are no longer together, but their children are engaged in more activities than imaginable, what is a parent to do?

Multiple children pulling parents in multiple directions is commonplace. When one parent re-marries and has children from the new marriage, that adds a new problem and several layers of complexities.

Again, what is a parent to do?

How do UPS and Fedex do it? With logistics!

The key is to plan the children’s activities with an eye towards filling up the schedule. Use appropriate planning software.

However, the problem that occurs is when the parents do not agree on the children’s activities. Then, you have to add in a layer of dispute resolution, mediation and other techniques, such as family counseling, co-parenting counseling, etc… to negotiate the children’s activities.

Are you getting the sense it takes a village to make this work? That’s right, it does.

Now, add a layer of litigation into the mix, and now we have people who cannot agree in addition to a logistical mess, as well as a judge making decisions that may not reflect what the parents wish to accomplish.

Getting the picture yet?

Mediation cannot resolve all of the world’s problems, but a highly experienced family law mediation can easily navigate all of the above issues and assist parents in getting back onto the right path, as long as the parents obligate themselves to try to work it out.

Harry Siegel  has been mediating high conflict custody, visitation, scheduling and high asset cases for many years. Mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigation and allows you to own your future!


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