Divorce and Finances-Did You Change Your Passwords, Social Media And Everything Else?

Divorce and Finances-Did You Change Your Passwords, Social Media And Everything Else?

Let’s play some divorce “yes” or “no.” Based on your answer, you will know what to do.

1. Did you change all of your online passwords, using a totally different system so that your former spouse will not be able to recognize it? Our daughter taught us how to take the name of a music artist, or even a song, and use letters, numbers and symbols to mimic it. Try W1thal1ttl3h3lp. Do you recognize the Beatles’ song?

2. Did you change all of your beneficiaries on all life insurance policies? How about to asset accounts? Don’t forget all of your retirement assets.

3. Have you closed any account that your former spouse’s name was on?

4. Have you updated your health insurance?

5. Anywhere a form asks “who to contact,” take off your former spouse?

6. By gosh, if you have a power of attorney and your former spouse has “the power,” change it now.

7. Update your Will now. That is a big one.

8. Take a look at your social media. Figure out what you need to do. Passwords are only the beginning. Maybe it is time to shed some Facebook friends who are not really your friends. Maybe it is time to go private.

9. Are your bills all in your name now? If you use online banking, change the password and everything else to ensure your privacy.

This is a lot of work, isn’t it? You need to remember one more thing. Take care of yourself: physically, emotionally and financially. There is only one of you!

Often, a consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney at the end of the divorce process can help you gain closure. It can also help you determine whether you have completely done everything you need to do in order to successfully move forward with your life.


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