Divorce and Finances-A Checklist For After Your Divorce

Divorce and Finances-A Checklist For After Your Divorce

You are divorced, for better or for worse. You have been trying to make a to do list to close out everything related to your marriage. Let me provide you with a starter list-okay, maybe it is a bit more intense than that. The point is to get you thinking.

Here is the list:

1. Scan your Judgment of Absolute Divorce and any agreements, as well as put one set in a secure, locked location, so that you can always find them.

2. Do you need to change your social security card?

3. How about your driver’s license?

4. Here is one people do not always think about-changing your passport.

5. Often, a Deed has to be changed or created.

6. With regard to retirement benefits, make sure you get all retirements orders completed quickly and accurately. READ THE DRAFT before you sign it!

7. Do you have to change your vehicle title? You might need to fill out an MVA Gift Certification form.

8. Do yourself a favor and take a full inventory of everything that you own-pictures and a video.

9. Put at least 6 years of past tax returns in one place, scan them, just like your Judgment of Absolute Divorce, for easy reference.

10. Make sure you have all of your insurance binders in proper order.

11. Do the same with your health insurance, life insurance, employment benefits and employment agreements, if they exist.

12. Do you need to change your Will? Do you even have one? Now is a great time to draft a Will, trust and any other necessary documents.

13. Do you have a financial planner? An investment advisor? A CPA for your taxes? Give it some thought, so you create your future plan.

14. How about advanced directives and powers of attorney? It’s a great time to simply take care of all of this.

15. If you have children, keep each of their important information separate, stored, scanned and protected.

16. There are many password programs out there. Spend a few dollars on one of them, such as Splash ID. You can store every website, bank account, credit card and so much more.

I hope this gets you thinking. Divorce is an ending, but far more importantly, it is a beginning. The beginning of the rest of your life! It is not a dress rehearsal, so get your house in order and go live it.

If you ever have a question about anything related to your divorce, or if new issues arise, get a free consult with a highly experienced attorney at SIEGELLAW.