Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Divorce-From The Opposing Divorce Attorney

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Divorce-From The Opposing Divorce Attorney

So, I am representing your spouse in your divorce case. You have a Facebook along with your new significant other. Lots of pictures, some posts and lots and lots of private messages between the two of you. Sexting but in what you think is a private message just between the two of you.

Think again.

I can have the Court order that you print it–Facebook actually has its own method of printing your entire Facebook–and I can see EVERYTHING, including your private messages between each other.

Did you know that in contested child custody litigation, social media provides divorce attorneys and private investigators with almost everything we need to hurt you in your case.

Think it is just about children? Think again. We can do the same thing when it comes to financial issues. You say you cannot work but your Instagram shows you sky-diving. Okay, running. Volunteering. Other things that show you can work.

Twitter and LinkedIn are just as helpful. You say you cannot work, yet here is your LinkedIn profile with your pumped up resume and statement to the world how employable you are.

And to make matters worse, you cannot undo the damage. Once you know you will be going through a divorce, if you try to erase your posts and profiles, chances are, they are still there. And it brings up a whole new issue, called spoilation of evidence. It makes you the bad person.

Getting a divorce? Got a child custody issue?

Don’t touch your social media!

Just get yourself quickly to a highly skilled family law and divorce attorney, who understands the interplay between what you have put out there in the world and the outcome of your case!


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