Get Divorced Faster–If You Can!

Get Divorced Faster–If You Can!

Beginning October 1, 2015, an uncontested divorce became a little more simple in The State of Maryland.

These are the rules-and don’t ask me why these rules make no sense, it’s politics:

1. You and your spouse must be living in separate residences for more than six consecutive months, with no hope/expectation of reconciling.

2. You and your spouse executed a written separation agreement that settles all aspects of your case.

3. You and your spouse do not have minor children together.

4. No one asks the Court to set aside the agreement.

5. Both of you show up at hte final divorce hearing so that the Court can ask you questions to make sure you properly qualify for a quicker divorce.

So, why all of the rules? Why so much oversight? It appears that Big Brother is not trusting husands and wifes. The procedures are to ensure that spouses do not collude with each other and get an illegal divorce.

Have you been separated at least 6 months and waiting to file for a divorce? No minor children? Have a separation agreement?

Give us a call and we can help you navigate your way through this in order to see if you can get your divorce sooner than the normal one year general rule.

Oh, but just remember, with adultery and serious domestic violence cases, there is no one year, or even six month, waiting period. You can file for your absolute divorce right away!


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