Is Emotional Cheating Really Cheating?

Is Emotional Cheating Really Cheating?


Is that it?

Sure, that really is it. Emotional cheating really is cheating.

So, what constitutes emotional cheating? Any contact with another person who is not your spouse? Of course not?

Remember When Harry Met Sally? When men and women ever be friends. He said no. She said yes. Pretty black and white, huh?

Sexting with someone not your spouse? Sure, that is clear emotional cheating?

Texting with someone else not your spouse? That could be emotional cheating, if it gets too emotional, too close. You know where the line is.

So, I have a question for you? Does emotional cheating matter? The answer is that it depends whether you are trying to save your marriage or whether you are going through a divorce? If you are trying to save your marriage, then emotional cheating truly matters! If you are already going through a divorce, it probably no longer matters. It is pretty rare that a judge hearing your trial will care about emotional chearing from a marriage that is already dead.

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