Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Divorce Can Be Crappy

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Divorce Can Be Crappy

In the opening of Season 2 of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, one of the characters talks about her own divorce experience, which can be summed up as follows:

My husband divorced me.

He then married my younger sister.

He doesn’t see our children.

He pays no child support.

I am caring for our kids solo.

I am also caring for my parent with Alzheimer’s.

My last time I had a day off was never.

Make no mistakes about it, this was one of the most realistic scenes the show has ever had, and I am proud they actually dared to air the voice of “real divorce.”

There are always worst case scenarios in divorce.

I want to briefly talk about surrounding yourself with a team to insulate you against negativity, as long as you realize the grim ugly truth: it does not always work.

Surround yourself with positive people and positive family. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, limit your exposure to them. With your best friends, they are there for you. Use that, but do not abuse that love.

Get a new exercise routine. If you have a been of room in the budget, think personal trainer. If you do not, then by gosh, hop onto YouTube and watch and exercise along with the videos for free. No one ever complained about looking and feeling better!

A great counselor for support is a must. Your highly experienced divorce attorney also knows the best-and worst-counselors for you.

Upgrade your career. If you are not working, get the schooling to get the job you will love. If you have a job think about upgrading. Change can be good.

CPA/financial planner. Taxes and retirement planning can be the single largest question you will need to answer.

FAFSA specialist-If paying for college is an issue, start early and don’t ever try to fill out the FAFSA form on your own.

Real estate agent and mortgage broker-Often there is a sale of a house, or a refinance. These are the people you can get you sold, purchased and qualified.

In short, in many cases, take those lemons and make lemonade. On the other hand, often, life’s challenges can become your reality, and you have to ride the storm.