Meet Your Second Wife

Meet Your Second Wife

If you watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you perhaps caught a game show skit called “Meet Your Second Wife.” It was absolutely hilarious–at least to an experienced divorce attorney–but it also allows me to bring up a serious topic–divorce and remarriage.

Subsequent spouses can be part of the problem with the relationship between two former spouses. They can also be part of the solution. Sometimes, they can be both.

Setting the culture for the proper way for the subsequent spouse to be part of the new family is so important. It was be talked about, agreed upon and then followed through.

The best way to integrate a subsequent spouse into your existing family is to spend a few dollars, not on lawyers, but on family counselors, to get the benefit of professionals.

And if you want to find the best professionals to see–as well as a few to avoid who could make matters worse–we who are experienced family law attorneys know who you should see.

There is a statistical probability that divorced men will remarry more than women. There is also an even higher statistical probability that subsequent marriages will end in divorce.

Don’t be a statistic. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. An hour free consultation with one of the highly experienced family law attorneys at SIEGELLAW can provide you with the educaiton you need to have the happiest of second marriages!


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