Divorce Preparation-A Series: Part 3–How do I know if I am finding the right divorce attorney?

Divorce Preparation-A Series: Part 3–How do I know if I am finding the right divorce attorney?

So, you found your divorce attorney, and you and the attorney are now working together. Perhaps it is purely for advice. Perhaps you are drafting a separation agreement. Maybe you are engaged in hard-nosed litigation.

How do I know if my divorce attorney is doing a good job? If you have a meeting with your attorney and your spouse’s attorney, and your attorney appears to not know what he or she is talking about, while the other attorney appears competent and confident, you probably need to have a blunt conversation with your divorce attorney.

It is incredibly important for your divorce attorney to have a thorough conversation with you, determining your goals, how your attorney will seek to achieve those goals, as well as the risks and probabilities of achieving your goals. There tend to be two types of divorce attorneys: those who will agree to anything you identify as a goal, and those who will sit down with you, walk through the pro’s and cons and provide you with a candid assessment of risk assessment and your best game plan.

For example, I have seen attorneys file aggressive litigation regarding a minor issue regarding holiday access to their child, only to have the other parent get so fed up with the style of litigation, that parent then turns around and files for a change of custody.

Managing risk is incredibly important in all aspects of decision-making in your family law case. Do you want to seek an increase of child support of $100 per month, only to enrage the other parent to seek a change in custody or visitation? There are many examples, but at its core, your ability to communicate with your divorce attorney, strategize and become comfortable with your choice is the key to finding and keeping the right family law attorney for you.


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