Divorce and the Crazy Spouse

Divorce and the Crazy Spouse

Once in a while, I have to tell my client to strap in and get ready to go for a horrific ride in his or her divorce case.

I know that crazy is not a politically correct word, but if you are reading this blog, you know exactly what I mean.

Crazy spouses sometimes can’t move forward and are rooted in the past, in blame and a host of other emotions that cause them to blow up the game board.

These cases frustrate judges and highly experienced divorce attorneys, because they never seem to end, costs tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars, destroy parent-child relationships and more.

Can anyone solve the crazy spouse divorce case? Sometimes, yes, occasionally no.

The two defining characteristics of having a chance to resolve a crazy spouse spouse involves two highly experienced divorce attorneys, as well as a highly experienced and effective divorce mediator. Sometimes, a great deal of mental health supports will help, as well.

If you think you are or will be a part of a crazy spouse divorce, get to a highly experienced divorce attorney now.

Oh, and if you think you might actually be the the crazy spouse, don’t worry. If you get to a highly experienced divorce attorney now, he or she will help you work through it so that you realize that when someone claims a spouse is crazy, often they are just scared and need a great education and a game plan for moving forward.

One last thought. The phrase “crazy spouse” is usually  just a point of view perception. This blog is not dedicated to that issue. This blog is there to  help spouses who know they have a crazy spouse and are looking for help from someone who can recognize this for what it is: a dangerous, toxic, draining situation.


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