How Does A Judge Want You To Act During Your Divorce- For The Man

How Does A Judge Want You To Act During Your Divorce- For The Man

Men feel that they get a bad rap in the divorce process. Judges favor moms for custody. Men get hit with high child support and alimony awards. Why does she get half of my retirement? I hear this all the time.

To maximize your chance of a better outcome, you truly need to get to a highly experienced divorce attorney as early on as you know that you might be getting divorced. We tend to know the formula that judges and magistrates will follow in making decisions or recommendations.

If you want to get hit hard by the Court, then here is how to do it:

1. Abuse your spouse

2. Abuse your kids

3. Financially freeze out your spouse

4. Don’t be involved with your family

5. Flaunt an affair in everyone’s face

6. Force your kids to be around your new girlfriend, even if she is a drunk or on drugs

7. Refuse to allow your kids to engage in normal kid activities

8. Deny your kids the right to seek a therapist

9. Send nasty emails and texts to your spouse

10. Brag to her in writing that you will never stop fighting until you ruin her unless she gives in to your “terms.”

I hope you get the message.

The male litigants who tend to have the highest rates of success in litigation tend to “do the right thing,” during the litigation process.

If you pay the bills, keep the kids stable, say nothing wrong, then you have set the stage for a positive outcome.

If after doing all of this, your spouse is still intent on taking the low road, either on her own or through her attorney, then your chances of a better outcome continue to increase.

A free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney is always your best first step. You can learn a lot about how to live your life better by one of us who guides people for a living.


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