What the New Maryland Divorce Law on Social Security Means to You

What the New Maryland Divorce Law on Social Security Means to You

Based on a case argued by Harry Siegel and Lindsay Stanton of SIEGELLAW, the Maryland Court of Appeals will now require trial judges to consider divorcing parties’ social security benefits as a factor before determining monetary awards. This forever changes how all Maryland family law attorneys, mediators, and judges approach dividing assets upon divorce.

What Does This Mean for Those Getting Divorced In Maryland?

If you or someone you care about is facing divorce, the amount of social security benefits that each partner is receiving or will be entitled to are now a factor in determining the division of assets. This means that each spouse’s SS benefits could change their divorce settlement.

What Does This Mean for Those Already Divorced In Maryland?

The law will not be back-dated for previous divorce rulings, but will be implemented for any upcoming divorces in the state of Maryland.

Getting Divorced? Here are Some Questions You Need to Ask Your Attorney About the New SS Law in Maryland

● In what ways will social security benefits impact this case?

● Am I entitled to a higher share of our assets if my spouse has higher social security benefits than I do?

● How can I protect myself and my family within the context of these changes during my divorce proceedings?

About SIEGELLAW and How They May Be Able to Assist You

Harry Siegel has a long history of trailblazing Maryland law, and this case represents one of the most major adjustments to the divorce process in decades. Details of the case, which changed the law in Maryland, can be found at http://www.mdcourts.gov/opinions/coa/2016/62a15.pdf.

When the time comes to hire a family law attorney, remember that SIEGELLAW protects our clients to the fullest extent, and will even fight to make changes to current laws on your behalf.

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