Divorce – Need An Electrician?

Divorce – Need An Electrician?

Divorce is stressful.  Not only are we immersed in legal documents, financials, and custody agreements, but many times our homes also need to be in selling condition or just plain updated.  If your spouse played a role in home repairs or remodels, and you are going solo, these home projects can really be another burden.   Know that you are never going this alone.  Whether your spouse was a total procrastinator, or pretty handy, many contractors are just a phone call away if your home needs some attention.

Did you know an electrical contractor can help you do more than repair an outlet or rewire your home?  If you are hoping to make some quick updates to sell, or need to do some remodeling, an electrical contractor can help ease the stress of your home projects.  From hanging ceiling fans, pendant lighting, or installing security lighting, these projects are simple for the professionals.  Need additional outlets installed, or dedicated circuits for major appliances?  Easy for the experts.  Help is just a phone call away, and probably responsive than your ex.

Also, hiring contractors for small remodeling projects such as drywall repair, refinishing floors, or painting can also take many items off your to-do list, for less money than you think.  Don’t know a good handyman?  Just check out the reviews.  Yelp, google, Facebook, BBB, Angie’s List will all be your best friends when researching contractors.  They can help you determine which contractors are right for your job, or just which ones are reputable and honest.   Don’t you wish your ex had come with public reviews when you met?  Takes the guess work and risk right out of the decision.

Always remember if you are installing some light fixtures, fans, outlets, or doing a small remodel, it is common for contractors to give free estimates.  You should know upfront what you will be paying, and then there should be no surprises in store.

Bringing in back up, or professionals has never been easier.   Just search online for the service you need, and always check reviews.  And when scheduling the appointment, be sure to ask about free estimates, and finance terms.

Soon you will be checking the home projects right off your list!  If you need a reliable, expert electrician, Walter Electric is here to help.  Go to walterelectric.com, or call 410-590-5959.

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