Can I Reduce My Child Support?

Can I Reduce My Child Support?

You have an existing child support obligation. You think it is too high. You want it reduced. So, you get a free consultation with a highly experienced divorce attorney. The conversation goes something like this:

  • Can I see your existing child support order?
  • What has changed since this order was signed?
  • Has your income gone up or down?
  • Has the other parent’s income gone up or down?
  • Have overnights with the children increased? Decreased?
  • Has any child turned 18 and is out of high school? Turned 19 whether in high school or not?
  • Does an adult child have issues being independent due to medical or mental health issues?
  • Is alimony still being paid?
  • Are you or your ex paying child support for other children?
  • Are there medical or educational issues?

That’s probably enough Q&A to start this topic, but I hope you get the point. There must be a material change before you can seek an increase or decrease in child support.

Can you start the process yourself? Sure, to a degree. Online you can find websites for child support calculators. Some work, some don’t. Others only work to a certain level of income. In all candor, why bother with them? Just call a highly experienced divorce attorney who will not charge for an initial consultation. We will use our child support calculators after asking you the above and other questions, and we can give you one or more potential child support numbers.

What if you do not know the answer to some of the above questions? What if only the other parent knows the answers? Can you still seek a child support modification? You can at least make the inquiry. Take a look at your child support order and any agreements. There may be a mediation clause. Ask for that information. There may be an independent duty to exchange income information. You won’t know until you look – and ask.

If you think you may be entitled to a child support reduction, try to get answers to questions that are relevant to you. Then call that highly experienced divorce attorney for a free consultation.

You never know if you never try, right?