It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Holiday Visitation Problems

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Holiday Visitation Problems

So many of us get to enjoy the holiday season: great music, everyone in wonderful moods, fabulous cooking, and families spending time together.

I wish everyone had it this good.

Anyone who does not live with the co-parent of their child or children knows that the scenario above rarely applies to them. Occasionally, blended families get it right. Rarely, all of the various parts of the family actually get together for a meal.

However, it is far more likely that there is stress at holiday time. What is the plan? Who gets what days?

“No, that’s my day, not yours.”

“No, you do the driving. I did the driving last year.”

I could go on and on, of course, but the real question is whether there are solutions to holiday visitation stress.

The answer is a clear “yes” for most of us, except for people who are entrenched with hate, who only wish to inflict pain and suffering on their exes.

As long as you or the other parent is not one of “those” individuals, there are many ways to resolve holiday visitation issues.

First and foremost, talk to each other. If not in person, email. Make a specific proposal to the other parent, and ask the other parent if he/she has thoughts or comments.

Second, get a mediator. Mediators can conduct mediations by phone, Skype, or any other medium that makes sense.

Third, there are a few courts that will entertain emergency holiday visitation motions, although not many.

Fourth, get a counselor involved. There are many family therapists, couples’ counselors, divorce counselors, and other mental health providers willing to lend a hand so that matters do not get out of control.

So, who did I leave out? You guessed it: the highly experienced divorce attorney. We should always be your first call, email or meeting. The key is to get a great education, understand your options, and implement your plan.

When your child is 30 years old, what do you want them to remember? Not a holiday nightmare. Most of the time, you have a choice. Don’t just “suck it up,” and have a bad holiday season. Work harder and give your child or children the best holiday they can have.

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