Child Custody and Men’s Rights

Child Custody and Men’s Rights

“My wife just left the house and took the kids with her. She totally blindsided me. What on earth can I do? I need help. NOW!

If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t act rashly. Seek the counsel of an experienced divorce and child custody attorney. Understand your options. Get an education. Do it right now.

Consider this: How is the wife in this scenario going to be perceived for her actions? What would a judge think? What would the divorce attorney she interviews think?

What each parent wants is rarely the most important consideration in cases like these, which must be viewed through the eyes of the children. How do they perceive things? They have been uprooted. Their stability has been altered. Is this fair to them?

If you are being blindsided by divorce, your first and best move is to get an education from a divorce attorney who specializes in child custody litigation. He or she will explain the law, and provide several options for moving forward.

Education is the best place to begin. SiegelLaw can help. Call 410-792-2300 or fill out the form to find out how.