Will Gender-Based Movements Impact Divorce and Custody Cases?

Will Gender-Based Movements Impact Divorce and Custody Cases?

#MeToo, #HeToo, #UsToo.

Where are gender based movements headed?

The #MeToo movement took this country by storm, and for good reason. There were many bad producers and actors, they happened to be men, and many of them were long overdue to be called out and punished. The movement already created a level of empowerment not seen in the country since the age of suffrage.

The #MeToo movement has had a profound effect in divorce and family law litigation, as well. Quite frankly, men who are “aware” are scared and don’t know how to act. They feel like they are walking on a litigation minefield and any step they make could explode in their faces.

How can the “good guys” – fine human beings and fathers (if not husbands) – get a fair shake?

The short answer is to not change and to keep being themselves. The longer answer is … it’s difficult.

Adding to the confusion and potential harm are counter-movements such of #HeToo and #HimToo. They are filing lawsuits, alleging that companies and other businesses are overly favoring women to the detriment of women. In short, reverse discrimination.

Where is all of this headed? Are we destined for another round of Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King? We should certainly hope not.

Is the real answer that there are bad people out there – both men and women – and they need to be rooted out, one at a time, by a more aware society?

What about the impact of this subject on divorce and custody issues? A divorce case with a successful theme of intimate partner violence, abuse, or insensitivity can yield an appropriate result when it comes to parenting and handling financial issues between parents or spouses.

But trying a family law case using these themes ineffectively can lead to horrible results for families, with judges holding it against the parent unsuccessfully making these allegations.

If you believe you are about to encounter these difficulties in a family law case, be sure to find a highly experienced divorce and family law attorney with both the knowledge of these issues and the ability to best represent you.

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