Children Of Divorce Are Not Active

Children Of Divorce Are Not Active

A recent article reported that American children are spending less time being active and more time diverting their attention to smartphones, games, and their e-worlds.

As a result, childhood obesity has increased, mental health issues among children are on a sharp rise, and there are a myriad of studies nationwide trying to evaluate what is happening to our youth.

Lurking within these statistics – some clear and others with seriously questionable credibility – is one major reality: children of divorce tend to be the least active among the various groups of children in this country.

Why is that?  In a word: parents.

Many divorced parents are failing in co-parenting to the extent that their children lack enriching, meaningful, active childhoods.

Many divorced parents bicker endlessly with each other and behave in such a poor manner that their children retreat into their rooms and into a virtual world, communicating with friends without ever having to utter a word.

How can the family court system make a positive impact on America’s youth? It’s a tall order, but it begins with the parents and the support they get within the family court system.

  1. Early counseling is crucial, as is counselor training that places a strong focus on children’s activities and healthy lifestyles.
  2. Parenting plans should focus on crafting a “new normal” for families that emphasize stability for children.
  3. Both parents must truly accept the value of the Latin phrase “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.” (If you’re a bit rusty on your Latin, that’s “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.”)

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