Are You Divorcing Like a Rockstar?

Are You Divorcing Like a Rockstar?

Who remembers the song “Rockstar” from Nickelback? It tells the story of a commoner who wants to live the life of a rock star. There is a strong divorce lesson to be learned here.

Take a look at the divorces of the rich and famous, especially the movie and television stars, and – of course – the rock stars. They appear to fall into two distinct categories. There are those you never hear about until after a divorce is finalized. And there are those you hear about, which are loud and contested for a bit, and then just seem to go away.

What happens is that the “teams” for these stars understand that a public divorce sends out the wrong type of publicity. Stars with highly public divorces are rarely perceived positively, nor are their spouses.

Now think about this on a completely different level. Not only do the children of divorcing stars have to hear about the process while it is occurring in their home, but accounts of the proceedings will live on the Internet – forever. Not for years, but for decades. Literally forever. Imagine how that affects them.

How different is your divorce? Not that different at all. There are always cases that need to be tried by the courts for various reasons, usually when one or both spouses are taking unreasonable positions. Occasionally, there is a complex issue that a judge must resolve.

Overwhelmingly, however, the quiet divorce – using highly experienced divorce attorneys, mediators, and other forms of alternate dispute resolution – affords both parents and children the best path for a better life sooner.

Please remember in Maryland there is an online judiciary case search system. This means that your file is open to be viewed by the public. Who is part of that public? First and foremost, your children. But consider this: your families, neighbors, friends, enemies, employers, and potential future employers, as well as your children’s friends and their families, etc., can also read about your divorce.

When you are planning for a divorce, or if one has been planned against you, or if you and your spouse have agreed to divorce, remember that what goes public stays public.

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