Divorce and Preparing for January

Divorce and Preparing for January

Getting ready for the holiday season can certainly mean different things to different people.

For those who are in bad marriages or bad relationships with children in common, the holidays are often a time for decision-making.

Instead of a decorating a Christmas tree, you may be thinking in terms of making your decision tree.

Do yourself a favor and do both.

Think through your relationship. Get help if you need assistance making decisions. Close friends, family, clergy, counselors, and experienced divorce attorneys can all help you.

You will also need other professionals, such as child counselors, tax professionals, real estate brokers, business valuation experts, FAFSA college aid professionals, and more, to help you plan.

If this all sounds daunting, that’s because it is. The job of an experienced divorce attorney is to prepare you for January.

But don’t forget it is the holiday season. Live in the moment – for yourself, your children, your loved ones, and your friends.

With the violence in the world around us – and sometimes with the chaos within your marriage – it is easy to become consumed. Consumed in stress, anger, sadness, depression, and even hate.

Just remember what you should never forget: life is not a dress rehearsal. When each day comes to an end, it is over. Live every minute of your life.

An experienced divorce attorney can help you plan and prepare as you end one relationship, yet positively engage in so many others.

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