Affording a Divorce During a Government Shutdown

Affording a Divorce During a Government Shutdown

During the original Operation Desert Storm in 1990-1991, Harry Siegel operated the first free legal services clinic to the families of active duty service members who were encountering a multitude of legal issues, from paying bills to rent issues, and much more.

Nearly 30 years later, SIEGELLAW continues to assist the families of those affected by circumstances out of their control.

While the present government shutdown continues, individuals in need of a consultation on family law issues can reach out to us, and we will not charge for those consultations. We will also try to work with affected employees, where possible, to make divorce proceedings more affordable when we can.

Additionally, if you have a non-family law issue, we will work with other attorneys in our community to try to provide individuals, couples, and families with a free consultation on issues affecting them during the Federal government shutdown until it ends.

We appreciate the service of all government workers, Federal, state, and local. Law enforcement, TSA employees, and the military continue to be horribly impacted by this shutdown.

If we at SIEGELLAW can help, we will try.

Reach out to us today at 410-792-2300 or fill out the form on this page to request additional information.