Divorce And The Government Shutdown

Divorce And The Government Shutdown

Going through a divorce is tough enough. Raising children can be tough enough. Affording two households can be downright challenging.

With a government shutdown, what on earth do you do?

If you are presenting under an order for child support or modifiable alimony, file for a modification immediately! If you think you cannot afford an attorney during the shutdown, we are offering free consultations at SIEGELLAW, and we will even help you file on your own, just to get the process started. You can hire an attorney when the shutdown is over, and you have the funds to hire counsel.

If you have children in college and now cannot afford it, did you know that you can amend your FAFSA form to show you now have no income, so that you can ask the school to increase aid to your children? There is an entire field of FAFSA specialists who can help you here.

If you are just having problems, from putting food on the table to getting gas in your car, each and every day, there are individuals and organizations opening up their doors and wallets to help. Food banks are there for you, as are food stamps.

Many employers are welcoming furloughed employees with temporary jobs. Congressmen and women throughout the area are posting on their websites and social media dozens and dozens of resources for you.

It remains to be seen whether courts will be part of the solution or part of the problem, assisting those who simply cannot afford what they could last month.

Get yourself to a highly experienced divorce attorney, who can help troubleshoot resources for you.

Go through the social media and onto your Federal, state and local politicians’ websites for further resources.

This is a truly depressing time for Federal workers and their families, especially those undergoing the further family trauma of separation and divorce. There is help out there for you and your family.

Please ask.