Divorce and The Deceitful Spouse

Divorce and The Deceitful Spouse

Lies that can lead to a divorce include – but are not limited to – topics such as:

  1. Affairs
  2. Finances
  3. Personal backgrounds
  4. Mental health issues
  5. Violence issues

It is not surprising that these are also the top five reasons relationships break up.

The longer you wait to see an experienced divorce attorney after discovering or strongly suspecting your spouse is lying to you, the more challenging your family matter may become.

The sooner a lie is confronted, the better. You can then determine how to move forward in your own life, no matter how complex that may be.

Often, people avoid confronting deceitful spouses because they fear the loss of financial security, compassion, and for many other reasons. What they do not – and often cannot – understand during such a vulnerable time in their lives, is that the longer they wait, the larger the problem can become.

A brief affair becomes a more intimate, intertwined relationship. Financial lies lead to financial ruination. The past can come back to haunt you. Mental health issues only worsen over time. Violence issues lead to severe physical and mental health injuries.

Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney does not mean you must get a divorce. It does mean you are taking ownership of your life and taking a step forward so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Qualified divorce attorneys know the most helpful professionals in many other fields, including financial advisors, mental health practitioners, and real estate professionals.

While taking the first step and meeting with a divorce attorney can seem paralyzing – like the beginning of a process that you can never turn back from – that is simply not the case.

“Knowledge is power.” It’s not just a phrase. It is a necessity for owning your present and planning your future.

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