The After Divorce Checklist

The After Divorce Checklist

Just divorced? Guess what? You’re not quite finished yet.

While you move your life forward after divorce, you must consider that the devil is in all of the details.

Here is a non-comprehensive checklist of what you may need to take care of after divorce:

  1. Divide all tangible personal property, bank accounts, and other financial assets as set forth in your divorce order or separation agreement. Make sure to change the name on all bank accounts to take your spouse off of them. Determine if you need to open up new bank accounts in your name only.
  2. Execute the proper deeds to transfer title to real property to you or your former spouse.
  3. Change the titles to your motor vehicles to reflect the ownership as set forth in the divorce decree. This also requires filling out a Gift Certification form provided by the MVA.
  4. Notify your auto insurance broker or company of any changes in drivers or ownership, as well as change of addresses.
  5. Make sure that your name has been removed from any debts or loans that are no longer your responsibility.
  6. If you revert back to your former name as a result of the divorce, notify all creditors of the change, as well as all social media. Notify the Social Security Administration.
  7. Apply for a driver’s license with your new name on it.
  8. If you move, notify everyone of your change of address.
  9. Apply for a driver’s license with your new address on it.
  10. Change your address on your bank accounts and checks.
  11. Go onto the MVA website to determine if you are compliant with the new Real ID program. The compliance deadline is October 2020.
  12. If necessary, apply for credit in your own name. If you were on your spouse’s credit cards as a user, that is not the same as having your own credit card.
  13. Remove your former spouse’s name from your lease or mortgage.
  14. Change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy, if permissible under the divorce decree.
  15. Obtain life insurance naming your former spouse and/or children as beneficiaries to ensure continued support if you should die, if that is required by the divorce decree.
  16. Write a new will.
  17. Execute all necessary COBRA documents to ensure continued health insurance coverage, and make sure that your ex-spouse has done the same, depending on who has the health insurance and who needs it.
  18. Make certain that the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) and all other retirement orders are entered and implemented, if required under the divorce decree. (This is a big one.)
  19. Review the divorce decree closely. Make a To-Do list, and take all other actions required.

There are many additional things you should consider after divorce, such as meeting with a financial planner.

Divorce is a great time to plan for your future. But be sure to take steps to protect that future, and all associated rights. The Howard County family law attorneys of SIEGELLAW can provide counsel and advocacy. We can help you meet your goals and make your future brighter.

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