Bouncing Back from Divorce

Bouncing Back from Divorce

The emotions of divorce – and bouncing back from divorce – are many. Pain, anger, sadness. Relief, joy, happiness.

How we respond to divorce—or being divorced—helps to define us as human beings.

Will we be angry? Will we stay angry? Will that anger overshadow our capacity for future love?

Will we be sad? Will that sadness lead to depression—or worse?

How humans react to divorce often reflects how they live their lives.

One recent example is Grammy and Academy Award-winning songwriter Mark Ronson. The artist took his emotions of loss and depression and, after much contemplation, channeled them into the creation of an album about divorce, “Late Night Feelings,” featuring Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and others.

What Ronson has done seems contemplative and positive. Everyone has his or her own way of picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Should you take your wedding band, sell it, and donate all of the money to your favorite charity to bring some good to the ending of your marriage? Or consider donating an ex’s clothing to Goodwill?

Always remember while bouncing back from divorce that your children are watching you and learning from you how to be a future boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

If you are feeling an urge for revenge, then perhaps British poet George Herbert said it best: “Living well is the best revenge.”

Mark Ronson would appear to be living well; turning a negative in his personal life into a positive artform for the world to share.

You can – and should – do the same: find your way, and your will, to live well. Bouncing back from divorce may not happen a day, week, or month after your separation. But it will happen. You will make sure of it.

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