Can You Divorce-Proof Your Business?

Can You Divorce-Proof Your Business?

Have you ever heard the term “divorce-proof your business?” What does that even mean?

Attorneys know that “divorce-proofing” a business means minimizing the negative impacts of an owner or employee being less than productive as a result of a family law matter. This could be a divorce, a custody matter, child support, domestic violence, or one of many other related issues.

Employers often are not aware an employee is going through trauma until it bubbles over into the workplace.

Employers should take a proactive approach and let their employees know up front that if they experience marital or other family law problems, they can speak to someone confidentially.

An employer should also encourage an employee to meet with an experienced divorce attorney as quickly as possible. Employees who do so tend to return to work quicker and more productively than those who do not.

When the divorce involves a business owner, however, the fallout often spills over into the business, affecting all employees, both directly and indirectly. Often, an employee who has gone through a divorce can bond with the employer merely by suggesting a referral to a qualified divorce attorney.

In any event, what is absolutely clear is:

  1. Divorce has a negative impact on the workplace.
  2. A proactive employer can often help employees arrange a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.
  3. Quick intervention can lead to the employee returning to work earlier and less distracted.

When family law issues begin to affect your business, you must take timely and proactive steps to ensure your teammates receive assistance and that your productivity does not plummet.

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