The Howard County Maryland Divorce

The Howard County Maryland Divorce

divorce-in-Howard-CountyHoward County, Maryland is often touted as an idyllic place to live and raise a family. Great careers, homes, neighbors, parks, activities and so much more. Yet divorce in Howard County still exists.

Did you know that divorce often tends to follow upscale communities at higher rates than other communities?

Job stress, family stress, emerging mental health issues, and the intense pressures to earn money and keep up with everyone else can often combine to create a crushing weight. And we haven’t even mentioned the traditional causes of divorce – adultery and physical and emotional violence – yet.

When you are deciding to divorce in Howard County, you often can’t help but hear stories from others, both good and bad. You hear how one friend’s divorce was simple and they are still best friends, or at least good co-parents. You also hear horror stories of financially crushing divorces and horrible outcomes in court.

How do you move forward?

First, it is important to find an experienced divorce attorney who understands your family dynamic; a professional who has seen it all and knows how to guide you.

Part of guiding you through the divorce process is explaining to you how judges will view your case, if it ever winds up in court. Currently, Howard County has five judges and three family law magistrates, any one of whom might be hearing your case. A seasoned divorce attorney knows them all, understands how to present your case to each of them, and – most importantly – can attempt to steer you away from horrible outcomes.

Not listening to the comprehensive advice of your divorce attorney can be disastrous, both in terms of parenting rights and financial outcomes.

An initial consultation with a divorce attorney should be free. This is a service profession, geared towards listening to people and crafting plans to help them move forward with their lives.

Don’t look for a divorce attorney who is more concerned with “best of” magazines or social media praise. Those are just fleeting marketing gimmicks.

Instead, read the law firm’s blogs. Are they fresh? Are they helpful? Do they educate? Do they show the breadth of knowledge of the firm?

One last thought: All judges and magistrates are attorneys. They don’t necessarily have financial backgrounds, and they certainly weren’t mental health counselors. But if you and your spouse wind up in a courtroom, it is these judges who will decide child custody and resolve financial issues within your family. Be certain that your own legal advocate understands who these professionals are and how best to present you to them.

While the best outcome is frequently staying away from the courtroom, it is often necessary, especially if your spouse is a narcissist, abuser, or worse. Being prepared to go into court often leads to a better outcome outside of court.

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