Divorce and Financial Expert Witnesses

Divorce and Financial Expert Witnesses

Can divorce get complicated? You bet!

When a divorce attorney meets with a potential new client for the first time, a great deal of work must occur in the attorney’s head.

The financial issues in a divorce can become overwhelming to all but the most experienced divorce attorneys.

When you are considering divorce, you need to meet with an attorney who knows how to evaluate your case for potential expert witnesses in any field necessary.

Take a look at the list of financial expert witnesses and their respective areas of focus below. If any of the following apply to your situation, make certain your consulting divorce attorney knows how to locate the proper professionals for your case.

  1. The Accountant
    • Forensic
    • Taxes
    • Lifestyle analysis
  2. Certified Financial Planner
  3. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  4. Bookkeeper
  5. In-House Paralegal of a Family Law Firm
  6. Business Valuation Expert
  7. Fraud Accountant
  8. Insurance
    • Annuities
    • Cash value policies
    • Other issues
  9. Specific Intangible Financial Assets
    • Options
    • RSUs
    • Other private shares of stock
  10. Retirement and Pension Assets
    • ERISA and Non-ERISA Plans
      • IRAs, 401k’s, and equivalent
      • Pensions
    • Governmental
      • Federal
      • State
      • Local
    • Military
    • Unfunded Plans
    • Pension Annuities
  11. Real Estate Professionals
    • Realtors
    • Mortgage brokers
    • Real Estate appraisers
      • Real property
      • Commercial property
  12.  Personal Property
    • Vehicles
    • Boats and other toys
    • Animals
    • Jewelry
    • Almost anything of value
  13. Educational Professionals/College and Private Schools
    • Getting into school
    • Paying for school/FAFSA
    • Finding the best schools for certain children
  14.  Vocational Experts
  15.  Private Investigators
    • Asset checks
    • Following the money
    • Making the case for extant assets
  16.  Life Care Planners/Rehabilitation Costs
  17.  Document Examination-Forgery
  18. Attorneys’ Fees
  19.  Marital Torts
    • Medical experts
    • Mental health experts
    • Economists or other financial experts for damages
  20. Bankruptcy
    • Understanding the impact of bankruptcy on the finances of divorce

It is critical to understand the resources available to you during the divorce process. That’s why you should schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney before making any decisions. SIEGELLAW can help to evaluate your case and determine if there is a need for financial expert witnesses. Call us at 410-792-2300. Or fill out the form on this page to request additional information.