Coronavirus and Divorce

Coronavirus and Divorce

Major health scares increase tensions between parents and spouses. In fact, any major change to a normal schedule tends to have that effect.

Actions by governments and schools meant to limit the spread of coronavirus will have severe effects on separating and divorcing individuals.

Historically, whenever couples are in extremely close quarters due to extreme weather issues, incidences of divorce and domestic violence sharply rise.

When children are in close quarters with their parents during forced circumstances, such as the current school closings, family tensions often escalate.

If situations are compounded with work furloughs or loss of employment, emotions become more heightened, as financial issues can strain any relationship.

Here are some helpful tips to get through this uncertain period of time:

  1. Try to avoid confrontation, whenever possible, especially now. Understand that everyone’s emotions are heightened and try your best to keep it calm and civil.
  2. Understand that if you need the Courts for an emergency, they are there for you. You will be hearing about Courts closing down and stopping jury trials. Domestic violence actions can be filed whether the Courts are opened or closed.
  3. Experienced divorce attorneys are always available to you, as well. We use modern technology, including video conferencing, texting, emails and cell phones, so that you can reach us whenever you need to in the event of either emergency or urgent matters.

Family law firms will likely experience a sharp increase in workload during this time as the effects of coronavirus and divorce rise. We will also continue to work for existing clients. Virtually all family law cases are governed by Scheduling Orders that create deadlines for the filing of certain categories of documents, even if trials are postponed or delayed.

The bottom line is that before you act – or immediately after an event occurs – the experienced family law bar is available to you 24/7.

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