Stay at Home Orders Complicate Custody Arrangements

Stay at Home Orders Complicate Custody Arrangements

custody-arrangementsSIEGELLAW managing partner Harry Siegel recently spoke to Baltimore’s WMAR2 about the new territory that must be navigated by parents with custody arrangements during a stay at home order.

While custody orders must still be followed – various situations are complicating custody arrangements. What happens if one spouse refuses to follow social distancing? What if a parent is a first responder who is at higher risk?

Siegel says parents must use common sense when it comes to potential exposure and interstate travel.

“At the end of all this, we’re going to see a lot of contempt cases and we’re going to see magistrates and judges throughout the states evaluating whether a parent acted properly or improperly. And a lot of times a parent is going to have to make the ultimate judgment call.”

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