Visitation During a Stay at Home Order

Visitation During a Stay at Home Order

stay-at-home-orderSIEGELLAW managing partner Harry Siegel recently spoke with WUSA9 regarding child visitation rights during the COVID-19 crisis. The segment focused on Fredericksburg, Va., resident Jimmy Waldron and his attempts to see his children who live in West Virginia in the midst of Governor Hogan’s stay at home order.

“It’s complicated,” Siegel says. “I mean, in the governor’s proclamation from yesterday, travel pursuant to a court order is still permitted. Elsewhere in the order, he says that people should refrain from crossing state lines. Not shall but should.”

Navigating visitation rights throughout the coronavirus is an incredibly tricky situation – and even more so, now. Many parents in separate households raising children will find a way, while others will attempt to take advantage of a bad situation.

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You can watch the entire video here.