How to Conduct a Divorce Attorney Search Without Your Spouse Finding Out

How to Conduct a Divorce Attorney Search Without Your Spouse Finding Out

It is incredibly difficult to find the right divorce attorney when going through a divorce. For one, it is increasingly difficult to have “private time” to conduct a divorce attorney search with so many folks either working remotely or looking for work during the pandemic.

There is a way to search on a computer, phone, or other device without your spouse being able to track your search. It is not perfect, but it is pretty close.

You can locate Google’s Incognito function on the top right of a browser page on your computer. It is a bit more prominent to locate on a tablet or smartphone.

Incognito searches do not leave a history on your browser, so you can search with far less fear than most people. Of course, if your spouse is an IT specialist, there are ways to hack into the incognito function.  For most of us, however, it works just fine.

The next step is focusing your search. Gone are the days of the general search for a “divorce attorney” or “divorce lawyer.” Instead, if you are a man, try searching for “men’s rights.” There are many keywords to use when searching for a divorce attorney depending upon your situation, including:

  1. Domestic violence divorce attorney
  2. IT professional divorce attorney
  3. Divorce attorney for doctors
  4. Divorce attorney for business owners

You should always add your state, and often your county or city, to your divorce attorney search, as well.

If your spouse walks into the room, shut down your browser. Your spouse should not be able to view your search. Be sure not to leave your browser open on your screen.

The best way to find a divorce attorney is through a referral or personal connection. But overwhelmingly, people look to the Internet to find their best fit. So, search privately to find the divorce attorney who best fits your needs.

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