The Top 10 Reasons for Delaying Divorce (And Why You May Want to Reconsider)

The Top 10 Reasons for Delaying Divorce (And Why You May Want to Reconsider)

In a perfect society, there would be no divorce, and all relationships would always be positive.

In a near perfect society, divorce may be necessary, but rarely.

We do not live in either society. Still, many divorces are necessary – and can lead to more positive lives for those involved. Unfortunately, some couples stay married too long, when acting sooner would have allowed each spouse – and their children – to achieve a better future, faster.

Below are 10 common justifications for delaying divorce. If you identify with any of the excuses listed, do yourself a favor and seek the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney. A free initial consultation could quite literally change your life.

Reason 1: “I do not want my children showing up with divorced parents.”

It should come as no surprise that children of a civil divorce tend to do far better than children living in a dysfunctional household.

Reason 2: “Change is scary.”

Change can be scary, but with the right team on your side – friends, family, financial professionals, counselors, and more – it can become fun, too.

Reason 3: “My financial lifestyle will suffer.”

In the short term, this may be true. Again, a great team can help you plan for your future. Divorce is a time for significant life changes. Use this time to chart a new course.

Reason 4: “I do not want to be the first divorced person in my family.”

While understandable, becoming the most miserable person in your family is not a preferable alternative.

Reason 5: “I do not want to be alone.”

Embrace the concept, and then decide. Remember: you are never truly alone unless you work incredibly hard to be alone.

Reason 6: “I always dreamed of having a real family, and I will feel like a failure if I give that up.”

Perhaps it is important to ask yourself: What constitutes a “real family?” At least one third of all families in the United States are no longer represented by the traditional 1950s home.

Reason 7: “Thinking about moving out of my home cripples me, emotionally.”

This is a tough decision to make. When in doubt, seek the help of a counselor who can help you envision a better future than one in which you stay in a home where so much negativity exists.

Reason 8: “I do not want to be a ‘divorced’ person.”

After divorce, you will quickly begin meeting people who are divorced just like you and will continue to do so for the rest of your life.

Reason 9: “I do not know how to ‘do stuff.’ My spouse took care of everything.”

Your experienced divorce attorney can provide a list of big changes to help you move forward. YouTube is a great resource for almost everything else.

Reason 10: “I will never find another spouse as a single parent with children.”

This is simply not true, but many people will have to discover the reality on their own.


Do you know the one thing almost all children want and need in order for them to achieve happiness? The happiness of each of their parents.

Delaying divorce and the inevitable cheapens your legacy. Take care of you first and then everyone around you!

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