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Not all family law matters are decided in court. People often craft their own agreements to settle whatever issues they face. With careful attention to detail, the family law lawyers at SIEGELLAW can prepare a separation, prenuptial or post-marital agreement that meets your need. We will review your circumstances with you and prepare an agreement with legally binding provisions.

The Importance Of Family Law Agreements

Securing such agreements has a number of advantages. This includes avoiding giving an outside party decision-making power over highly personal matters, and possibly eliminates the high potential costs of litigating your matter.

The commonly sought agreements that couples seek include:

  • Separation and property settlement agreements – For those who realize that their marriage is at an impasse, but who do not wish to divorce, separation and property settlement agreements can establish the guidelines necessary for a future that works for everyone involved. These two agreements together answer many of the questions that a divorce would without ending the marriage.
  • Prenuptial agreements – This agreement spells out how issues such as alimony and the division of property will be dealt with should a divorce occur. Prenuptials provide a degree of predictability that is often welcomed by those entering a second marriage or who have significant assets.
  • Post-marital agreements – A post-marital agreement serves the same purposes of a prenuptial agreement, but is entered into after the marriage has commenced.
  • Agreements for unmarried persons – In this newly evolving area of law, individuals who live together but do not marry each other often have significant issues if their relationships do not last. Whether it is buying a house or car together, issues of child custody and visitation, or child support payments, we can help craft documents to your individualized circumstances. Two of the most important issues nonmarrying couples need to understand are that (1) alimony is only for married people and (2) avoiding tax issues when dividing retirement assets is very different for married versus nonmarried individuals.

Attorneys Committed To You

At SIEGELLAW, our attorneys are skilled at helping our clients understand what the varying family law agreements can do for them. We will work to help you achieve whatever goals you have for the family law matter you’re confronting. We craft comprehensive family law agreements based on our decades of experience. Our comprehensive approach to family law sets us apart from other law firms in Maryland.

Attorney Harry B. Siegel has focused his more than 20-year career on helping those facing family law difficulties. His reputation for providing exceptional representation both as a divorce attorney and family law mediator is well-known throughout the Maryland family law community.

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When you’re confronting divorce or some other family law issue, you need to take steps to ensure that your rights and your future are well-protected. Turn to the Howard County family law attorneys of SIEGELLAW for counsel and advocacy that can truly help you.

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