Same-Sex Divorce

Attorneys Protecting The Rights Of Same-Sex Couples

Maryland recently passed the Civil Marriage Protection Act granting same-sex couples the right to marry. The U.S. Supreme Court is likely to weigh in on this act, but for now, it is the law.

At SIEGELLAW, our lawyers maintain a deep level of knowledge regarding the current state of family law in Maryland. That knowledge of the latest developments, along with our decades of experience, creates a real advantage for our clients, especially those who may be drastically impacted by recent developments. Let our attorneys help protect your rights and discover the correct path. We can help same-sex couples effectively navigate the evolving laws that affect such family law issues as divorce and separation, property division questions, child custody and visitation matters and alimony/spousal support payments.

Using Our Experience To Assist You

Attorney Harry B. Siegel has not only built a reputation for providing superior family law representation during his decades of service to his clients, he has also served in various roles in the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program that helps all members of the Maryland family law community, including judges and attorneys, stay informed on the most recent developments in the law.

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