If you are a man looking for a divorce attorney, whether it is in Howard County or elsewhere in Maryland, is there anything special you should be looking for in a divorce attorney?

Of course there is!

People tend to have the perception that divorce attorneys help women get custody of their children and require men to pay child support. Sure, that is true some of the time-but certainly not all of the time. Not by a long shot.

Maryland has an Equal Rights Amendment. That means judges do not favor women in divorce. Not as to custody. Not as to money issues.

A lot of men seeking a divorce lawyer are probably thinking, that sounds good on paper, but it does not seem like reality. Okay, with regard to some judges, you might be right.

That is where a divorce attorney focusing on men’s rights in child custody, assets, alimony and other financial issues becomes so important.

At SIEGELLAW, we focus on tailoring the divorce to the person. Our newsflash is the men actually do get custody of their children. Howard County does not discriminate against men when it comes to custody just because you are a man. The facts really do matter.

When it comes to financial issues, the Howard County courts are equally fair in terms of not allowing gender to play a role in divorce litigation.

Men get child support. Some men get alimony. Women who cause the demise of a marry do end up paying attorney fees.

The key is getting a proper education from an experienced Howard County divorce attorney early on in the process, being given a broad range of options and alternatives and moving forward from there.

We offer a free consultation at SIEGELLAW to provide you with that education and your options for moving forward.