Child Support

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Securing appropriate child support levels can help ensure that each parent’s household remains financially stable and that your child’s needs are being met. Before agreeing to terms regarding child support payments, please speak with an experienced family law attorney. It is critical that your best interests are represented during the determination of child support obligations.

How Maryland Determines Child Support Payment Levels

The state of Maryland uses a formula contained in the state guidelines to determine child support levels. This formula considers several factors, including:

  • Incomes of the parents
  • Alimony being paid or received
  • Health insurance expenses of the children
  • Extraordinary medical expenses of the children
  • Educational expenses of the children

The goal of crafting an appropriate child support amount is to create financial stability in both parents’ households. The courts believe that the best interests of the child are served when both households have the wherewithal to meet the often difficult financial challenges of raising a child.

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Attorney Harry B. Siegel is a leader in the Maryland family law community. He is a founder of the Maryland Association for Justice’s Family Law Section. His efforts with Continuing Legal Education (CLE) have helped educate the Maryland family law community.

Modifications And Enforcements

When child support levels are not appropriate to your situation or if the paying parent is not fulfilling his or her responsibility, we can help you pursue a modification or enforcement through the contempt power of the court.

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