Who Wins and Loses In Divorce

Who Wins and Loses In Divorce

This blog is merely a conversation starter. When you read over the below short lists, think about where you fall within them.

People’s material and emotional belief systems often dictate the emotional and financial results within the divorce process.

For a better understanding how to keep yourself on the winner’s list, you need the following:

1. a highly skilled divorce attorney

2. great friends who you do not overuse during the divorce process

3. a highly skilled financial professional

4. where necessary, an excellent therapist

5. where applicable, other skilled professionals, including but not limited to mortgage brokers, realtors, appraisers, etc…

So, let’s turn to the incredibly over-simplfied, subjective winners and losers lists:


1. Divorce Attorneys

2. People With Strong Emotional Ties With Their Children and Extended Family

3. People Who Earn Great Incomes and Have Great Earning Capacity

4. People Who Had Large Amounts Of Assets Before Marriage

5. People Who Had Or Will Have Substantial Inheritances

6. People Who Value Happiness Over Material Possessions


1. Litigants Who Are Paying High Attorney Fees That Are Unnecessary, Unwarranted or Forced By the Other Spouse or Party

2. People Who Are Not Strongly Invested With the Children and Extended Family

3. People Without a Substantial Future Earning Capacity

4. Sad, Angry, Emotional, Unstable and Otherwise Generally Unhappy People

I will happily explain each and every point to you, if you wish, at your no cost consult at SIEGELLAW, but I suspect that you truly get the message.

You might still be asking one question: what is my spouse is running the show, and I have no ability to affect the outcome.

My answer: that is rarely the case. A trusted legal advisor, as well as a team of support professionals can usually help steer you towards the winners list!


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