How Are Decisions Made By the Court in Family Law Cases-Part 1: The Family Law Magistrates

How Are Decisions Made By the Court in Family Law Cases-Part 1: The Family Law Magistrates

Whether in Howard County or elsewhere throughout the State of Maryland, if you want to decide whether to settle your case or go to trial, you want to make sure your family law attorney attends all of the latest seminars where Judges and Family Law Magistrates are teaching attorneys how to try cases before them.

At SIEGELLAW, Harry Siegel is one of the attorneys who has been moderating and speaking across the State of Maryland, as the founder and long-time co-Chair of the Family Law Section of the State’s pre-eminent trial lawyer organization, the Maryland Association for Justice.

On April 17, Harry will be at it again, moderating a panel of ten Family Law Magistrates from across the State of Maryland, teaching Maryland’s attorneys how to try their cases effectively.

Here are the topics Maryland’s experienced family law attorneys will be learning:

1. How to put your client’s best foot forward by making a great first impression at the Scheduling Conference;

2. How to deal with motions that have not been resolved by the time of your hearing.

3. Making the best opening statement at any hearing or trial.

4. How to present your client when your client testifies at a hearing.

5. How to properly cross-examine the other side at trial, which is often the most difficult part of any trial.

6. Finding the best fact witnesses, like friends, family, neighbors, and others.

7. When you need an expert witness, how do you find the most effective one for your client’s case.

8. What financial documents do you want to use in your case, and what documents do you definitely not want to use in your case.

9. Determining all of the other documents to use, and not use in your case.

10. Make a closing argument that the Court wants to hear.

When deciding on a divorce lawyer to hire, make sure your lawyer, at the very least, attends these programs. The more your attorney is on the cutting edge of family law, the better your attorney can serve you.


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