When Your Divorce Case Becomes Criminal

When Your Divorce Case Becomes Criminal

High conflict divorce can devastate individuals, children and families. Nevertheless, it still happens every single day, in Howard County and throughout the State of Maryland.

Less than scrupulous attorneys used to create a dynamic of advising their clients to begin a divorce by filing for a protective order, filing criminal charges and filing for divorce simultaneously to place the other spouse at such a disadvantage that the spouse could never bounce back from it.

Judges have clearly gotten wise to this and many other tactics, and they tend to punish the spouse using the above strategy.

So, what happens if it is really true? What do you do?

If it is an emergency, you call 911. Once the emergency is over, call a highly experienced divorce attorney with a great deal of experience handling high conflict family law cases.

Harry Siegel has been handling the high conflict divorce case for 25 years.

The high conflict divorce includes the criminal divorce case, the high asset case, the high conflict child custody case, and many more permutations.

The high conflict criminal case can take on many forms. The most common is the companion domestic violence case. However, the child abuse case often is a companion to the high conflict divorce case. There are many more crimes that can run concurrently with a divorce case.

The highly experienced divorce attorney assesses the situation, provides you with options, determines whether an appropriate criminal law consult or referral is required, and gives you a great education to help you move forward!


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