Divorce and Finance-Finding a Divorce Attorney Who Understands Complex Financial Issue

Divorce and Finance-Finding a Divorce Attorney Who Understands Complex Financial Issue

It is more than difficult to find a divorce attorney who is right for you. First and foremost, the attorney must be competent. Second, they must understand the inclinations of the judges in the jurisdiction where a divorce trial may occur. Third, they need to understand custody, when that is relevant. Finally, and not to be understated, they must understand money.

For the most part, attorneys went to law school after a liberal arts undergraduate education. It is pretty rare for an attorney to have a financial background.

Also, without years of experience from your divorce attorney in handling high asset cases, your complex financial case could face trouble. Aside from understanding the financial issues, a highly experienced family law attorney will know competent financial expert witnesses to get involved in your case, when necessary.

Financial knowledge starts with you. Interview divorce attorneys for their financial acumen. Retain a financial expert so that it is his or her expertise regarding finances you are relying upon. Your divorce attorney becomes the director of the litigation, with you and your financial expert being the star and supporting cast.

If you are having a problem finding a financial expert, do not despair. The most experienced family law attorneys know them all, both good and bad, and we can direct you to them.

Now, you are thinking, all of this is going to cost a great deal of money, right? You are right, and wrong, at the same time.

The attorneys’ fees and expert fees are almost always a mere fraction of the cost of the value of the assets in any high asset divorce.

Your first stop: a free consult with a highly experienced divorce attorney at SIEGELLAW.


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