Divorce And The Fear Of Moving Forward

Divorce And The Fear Of Moving Forward

Getting divorced can be traumatic. Do I leave the home? Do I tend the marriage? Do I stay in the marriage “for the kids?” Do I stay in the marriage “because I do not believe in divorce?”

Is my spouse an alcoholic? An addict? Moody? Bi-polar?

Do I love my spouse but being married to him/her is killing me?

Am I being abused but I cannot afford to leave? Am I being threatened by my spouse if I try to leave?

Many times, there is a real fear of moving forward with a divorce. Fear of safety, security, money, losing your kids are all very legitimate fears.

Can you overcome them?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.

If every journey starts with a single step, then your first step could be to a highly experienced divorce attorney. It could be to a great couples/marriage counselor.

My point is that an education can be quite empowering. Learning your rights. Understanding your risks. Getting an education about how custody, visitation, child support are analyzed by a judge.

I will let you in on a little secret. Highly experienced divorce attorneys know the best marriage counselors and the best experts in all different fields, from parenting to analyzing assets.

If you want to learn about moving forward but feel absolutely paralyzed, give us a call. We will give you a great education, so you know your options.


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