Divorce-When Do I Take My Wedding Ring Off?

Divorce-When Do I Take My Wedding Ring Off?

When should you take your wedding ring off when you divorce?

There are many options:

1. Immediately, because you are finally free

2. Never, because you never wanted the divorce

3. Not immediately, but when you needed the money so you sold the ring or melted it down for the gold or diamond value

4. The first time I see my spouse with someone else

5. The day our divorce is final

Okay, there are many more answers than these. And there are some people, usually men for some unknown reason (except religious reasons), who never wear a wedding ring.

Wedding rings are often a symbol of the crushing of the soul at the end of a marriage, but often, they are the exact opposite: they are the symbol of freedom, like being released from the chains of marriage.

If you have a huge amount of money, then it probably does not matter what you do with your ring.

But can I give you some suggestions? Consider them tips from a long-time divorce atorney who wants to see his clients find happiness.

Let’s start with the symbolism of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Melt that ring down and indulge yourself by using the gold to (1) make a piece of jewelry art that will make you happy, or (2) sell it for its value and put the money in an account. Maybe you can use the money for your child’s college, or a computer or something else that will create good in your life.

With the dissolution of your marriage, there is enough anxiety and negativity. Create something great from something that did not work out.


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