Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Setting Up Your Spouse!

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Setting Up Your Spouse!

I like to read and watch what my clients are reading and watching. I draw the line at some things, but recently, I watched the first episode of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

Pretty eye-opening stuff!

On the one hand, watching a show about richy-rich women in LA and their divorces does not appear to lend a lot of reality to “real” divorces. But then you start watching and digging deeper.

Here is what I learned:

1. Parents can be clueless about how much their kids know about their parents’ relationship with each other, especially teenage daughters!

2. Many separations and divorces occur because people don’t productively communicate. Communicating with each other can be an absolute powder-keg. More often than not, hiring a great, not good but GREAT, couples counselor can either save a marriage or make a divorce more civil and productive.

3. Unfortunately, spouses do set up other spouses to fail. In this episode, the wife has sex with her soon to be ex, gets liquored up and when he leaves, she calls the police ot have him arrested for a DUI.

As I watch additional episodes, I will separate fact from fiction and share some wisdom.

Happy watching!